Azure Blog and eBook

Welcome to my Azure eBook and Azure blog.

Here you will find many articles, blog posts and how-tos I have written to help you learn, implement and understand Azure.


  1. Getting Started
    1. Azure Marketplace
    2. Understanding Azure App Services
  2. Data Storage
    1. Creating an Azure Storage Account
    2. Console App to Interact with Azure Blobs
    3. Creating an Azure SQL Database
  3. Serverless
    1. Introduction to Serverless
    2. Azure Functions Intro – http trigger
  4. Tools
    1. Azure Cloud Shell
    2. Installing and Using Azure Explorer
    3. Installing Azure CLI
  5. Integration
    1. Azure Service Bus
    2. Azure Logic Apps
  6. Active Directory
    1. Register an App with Windows Azure
    2. Azure Active Directory Users and Groups
    3. User Joining Azure Active Directory
    4. Company Branding
  7. Virtual Machines (VM)
    1. Creating a Virtual Machine
    2. Delete a Virtual Machine
    3. Automatic Shutdown
  8. Authentication
    1. Azure Key Vault
  9. Web Services / Websites
    1. Publish Web Service to Azure from Visual Studio
    2. Publish ASP.NET Site to Azure
    3. Create an ASP.NET Core Web API with App Insights
  10. Application Insights
    1. Custom Events, Metrics, Traces in Application Insights
    2. Application Insights with APIM
  11. Machine Learning (ML)
    1. Titanic Part 1
    2. Titanic Part 2
    3. Titanic Part 3
    4. Creating an Income Prediction Experiment
    5. Deploying an Azure ML Experiment to a Web Service
    6. Set up an Azure ML Workspace
  12. Dynamics
    1. Azure Service Bus Messaging with Dynamics 365
    2. Running Dynamics GP on Azure
  13. Azure Notebooks
    1. Azure Notebooks Install and Hello World
  14. Azure Logic Apps
    1. Introduction to Azure Logic Apps
    2. Create an Azure Logic App that Integrates with Common Data Service
    3. Using Visual Studio to Design Azure Logic Apps
  15. App Services and API Management
    1. Create an ASP.NET Core Web API in Visual Studio and Publish to Azure
    2. Adding Swagger OpenAPI to an ASP.NET Web API
    3. How to Add API Management to an Azure App Service
    4. How to Setup and Use APIM (Conference sample)
    5. Backend Service URL Is Not Defined Error
    6. Using Postman to Hit an API Management Endpoint With Subscription
    7. Using Products in API Management
    8. Using the Developer Portal (Legacy) in API Management
    9. Adding App Insights to an Azure App Service
    10. Secure an Azure App Service with Azure AD
  16. Administration
    1. Service Status
    2. Changing Theme in Azure Portal
    3. Setting up and Using API Management (APIM)
    4. How to use Application Insights with APIM
    5. Creating an Azure Portal Dashboard