Azure Service Bus Messaging with Dynamics 365 Plugin

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Dynamics 365 is able to post messages to cloud apps listening on the Azure Service Bus. Here we will go through setting this up and posting a message.

First, log onto Azure Portal. Select New and search for and select Service Bus:

Click Create:

Provide the namespace information and click Create:

Open the Service Bus and select Queues:

Add a Queue:

Enter a name and click Create:


Open the queue and select Shared Access Policies:

Click Add:

Add a SAS Policy. We will create one with Listen and Send:

Open the policy to see the connection strings:

Now, in Dynamics 365, go to the Plugin Registration Tool.

Select Start with a connection string, and copy the Primary connection string from the Azure Service Bus. Click Next:

The connection information will be populated. Click Save:

Now, register a new step:

We will register on update of account, post operation asynchronous:

On the update, we will register a pre image and post image, same as the example here.

It should now look like:

From our example, update an account:

Now, go to Settings->System Jobs. You will see a new job:

The system status will change to Succeeded:

And in our Azure queue we will see a new message:



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