How to Open an SSRS RDL Report in Visual Studio 2017 and 2019

Let’s look at how to open an SSRS RDL Report in Visual Studio 2017 and Visual Studio 2019. First, download the Microsoft Reporting Services Project extension at: We see this applies to Visual Studio 2017 and 2019: You will see the file downloaded. Open it: You will see: Be sure to close any Visual Studio instances running. Click Install: We can now create Report Server Projects in Visual Studio. In … Continue reading How to Open an SSRS RDL Report in Visual Studio 2017 and 2019

SSDT Analysis Services and Reporting Services Projects in Visual Studio 2017

If you try to open old Analysis Services smproj or Reporting Services projects in Visual Studio 2017 you may run into an unsupported error. To install the required templates, go to: Select the Download link: Then for Reporting Services go to: Select Download: You will now be able to create and load analysis services and reporting services projects in Visual Studio:  

Installing Dynamics GP SSRS Reports

In this post I will show you how to install Dynamics GP SSRS Reports. Firstly, ensure SSRS is installed on your SQL server. If not, install it. Go through the configuration to ensure SSRS is set up and ready to use. Next, start GP. Go to Tools->Setup->System->Reporting Tools Setup: From the window below, enter your Report Server URL and Report Manager URL select Deploy Reports: You may get this message … Continue reading Installing Dynamics GP SSRS Reports

SSRS Subreports

There are instances when you will need to use a subreport in SSRS.  Here I will build a report with a subreport, using Report Builder to demonstrate. The example is there is a table holding sales header data and a table holding sales line data. We will use the header on the report, and the lines on the subreport. To build the report, do the following. First, open Report Builder and create a … Continue reading SSRS Subreports

Creating a Basic Dynamics GP SSRS Report

To create a basic Dynamics GP SSRS report, do the following. First, browse out to your SSRS website and go to the relevant Dynamics GP module. In this example we will display customer information, so “Sales”: Select the Report Builder link to open Report Builder: Select the Table or Matrix Wizard: Click Create a New Dataset: Browse out to your company dataset, in this case TWO: Go to Views and … Continue reading Creating a Basic Dynamics GP SSRS Report

Dynamics CRM SQL Reports

Visual Studio SSRS reports can be used to connect to the Dynamics CRM on premise SQL database. We will go through an example of how to do this. First, create a new Visual Studio project. Add a new report using the report wizard. Set the type to Microsoft SQL Server and the connection string to the CRM organization database: Select query builder: Enter a query, e.g. SELECT * FROM filteredaccount We … Continue reading Dynamics CRM SQL Reports

Editing SSRS Reports in Visual Studio

In order to edit SSRS reports in Visual Studio, you will need SQL Server Data Tools installed. First, go to the Microsoft Download website and find the link to your Visual Studio version. For example, for Visual Studio 2012, go to: Once downloaded, install the application: Now, when you open Visual Studio, you will see new Business Intelligence options: Create a new Report Server project. Right click Reports and add an … Continue reading Editing SSRS Reports in Visual Studio

Installing Dynamics CRM Report Authoring Extensions

To create reports in SSRS for Dynamics CRM, you need to install the report authoring extension. To do this, download from the link below (Visual Studio 2012, CRM 2015): Run the EXE to extract the files: The wizard will open: Press Install: Click Next: Now, when you start Visual Studio you will see the option appear:  

SSRS – Show Fields Only On First Page

To show a field only on the first page of a report, go to the field properties and select <Expression…>: Then enter the following expression – this will check if the page number is 1, and if so, display the field: =iif(Globals!PageNumber = 1, FALSE, TRUE)    

How to Build SSRS Reports in Dynamics AX

In this post I will show how to build SSRS reports in Dynamics AX 2012 R3. Let’s modify the Purchase Order Report. Firstly, open Visual Studio and make sure the Application Explorer is open (View->Application Explorer): Expand SSRS Reports and find the Purchase Order Report: Double click the report to open it and create a new SSRS project. Rename the project from the generic name it provides to something more … Continue reading How to Build SSRS Reports in Dynamics AX