Using Sample Datasets Installed in R

R has built-in datasets which can be useful for learning R. Let’s take a look at these. From RGui, let’s see the packages installed by going to Load package: We can see datsets and MASS are installed: From RStudio we can see the same thing: We can use datasets right away as the library is loaded. In RGui or RStudio, type in: data() This will display the datasets installed in the … Continue reading Using Sample Datasets Installed in R

Take That for Data: How Analytics is Changing the NBA

Last week saw the end of an entertaining NBA playoff series between the Memphis Grizzlies and the San Antonio Spurs. The Spurs ended up winning the series 4-2. One of the series highlights came off the court, when Grizzlies coach David Fizdale went on an epic rant in a post-game interview, stating various statistics and concluding the officiating in the game was biased. He finished the interview with the words “Take that … Continue reading Take That for Data: How Analytics is Changing the NBA

Data Analysis TookPak Correlation

In Excel, select Correlation from the Data Analysis TookPak: Highlight and select options: Excel will create the correlation:  

Excel Analysis ToolPak Descriptive Statistics

There is lots of functionality in the Excel Analysis ToolPak. Let’s take a look at Descriptive Statistics. Let’s apply this to my data, which is MSFT stock prices over 2016. Select the input range and check labels in first row. Check summary statistics. This will go into a new tab on the worksheet. Excel has now generated the Descriptive Statistics:  

Excel Analysis ToolPak

Excel provides an addin called Analysis ToolPak. To access it, open Excel and go to File->Options: Select Addins->Go: Select Analysis ToolPak and the Analysis ToolPak – VBA options and click OK: Click on the Data ribbon and you will see an option for Data Analysis: Note there are many different options: