Introduction to Dynamics GP OData

OData was introduced to Dynamics GP in the GP 2016 release. To set up OData, open the GP installation and select OData: Click Accept: Enter the GP server name and GP system database name: Select the port for the OData service to run on and a certificate for SSL access, which is required: Click Install: Once installed, log into Dynamics GP. You will see OData in the GP menu under … Continue reading Introduction to Dynamics GP OData

Get Next Document Number with eConnect

eConnect provides a way to automatically get and set the next document number in Dynamics GP. This works for some document types. Here we will go through an example of getting the next document number. In the GP user interface, we see there are options when creating a SOP transaction. We would need to select the type of document (quote, order, fulfillment order, invoice, return, backorder) and then select the … Continue reading Get Next Document Number with eConnect

Get Data from Dynamics GP using eConnect Requester

eConnect is a Dynamics GP API to get and write data using GP business logic. eConnect Requester is way to get retrieve from Dynamics GP. To use the requester, install eConnect, and then browse to the Requester Setup folder, for GP 2016 located at: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics\eConnect 16.0\Requester Setup Then, open the RequesterSetup.exe: Select Connection Settings->Setup Connection: Enter your database connection information: Click Connect, and the window will refresh with information … Continue reading Get Data from Dynamics GP using eConnect Requester

Introduction to LifeCycle Services

LifeCycle Services (LCS) is an online portal from Microsoft that allows you to manage implementations. To log into LCS, go to: Select Sign in: Provide your credentials. You may need to accept the privacy policy: Here you will see the welcome screen: Click + to create a new project: Selecting Prospective presales displays the following window: Note the Product name options: Selecting a product will display the version options: And … Continue reading Introduction to LifeCycle Services

Dynamics GP Trial Balance

Dynamics GP has a Trial Balance report you can run. To run the report, go to Reports->Financial->Trial Balance: This will open a window where you will have different options on reports to run: Select Detailed->Demo and Modify and it will open the window below: You have the ability to specify which what to include, the year, sorting etc. I have selected Start and End of Fiscal Year as the date range. Select … Continue reading Dynamics GP Trial Balance

Installing Dynamics GP SSRS Reports

In this post I will show you how to install Dynamics GP SSRS Reports. Firstly, ensure SSRS is installed on your SQL server. If not, install it. Go through the configuration to ensure SSRS is set up and ready to use. Next, start GP. Go to Tools->Setup->System->Reporting Tools Setup: From the window below, enter your Report Server URL and Report Manager URL select Deploy Reports: You may get this message … Continue reading Installing Dynamics GP SSRS Reports

Microsoft’s Power Couple: Power BI and Microsoft Dynamics

Power BI, Microsoft’s cloud based business intelligence service, is a must-have component for companies running any of the products in the Microsoft Dynamics suite, whether it is CRM, AX, GP, NAV or Project Madeira. As a modern intelligence tool, it enables companies to rapidly get insight into their data and interactively find trends to make informed business decisions. Without BI, companies lack visibility and may be running with the wrong roadmap. Businesses already have basic reporting into their data, such as what last month’s sales were, who … Continue reading Microsoft’s Power Couple: Power BI and Microsoft Dynamics

SSRS Subreports

There are instances when you will need to use a subreport in SSRS.  Here I will build a report with a subreport, using Report Builder to demonstrate. The example is there is a table holding sales header data and a table holding sales line data. We will use the header on the report, and the lines on the subreport. To build the report, do the following. First, open Report Builder and create a … Continue reading SSRS Subreports

Dynamics GP SmartLists and SmartList Builder

SmartLists in Dynamics GP are a way to view data through the Dynamics GP user interface. To view the list of SmartLists, go to Microsoft Dynamics GP and select SmartList: You can also access SmartLists through the lightbulb icon in the Standard GP menu: Expand the pane to select a SmartList: Click on Search to select the maximum number of records returned. Click on a field to filter the selection: … Continue reading Dynamics GP SmartLists and SmartList Builder

Dynamics GP Dictionaries List

Below is a list of native and 3rd party applications and their associated dictionaries. Name Id Main Dictionary Forms Dictionary Reports Dictionary Publisher Dynamics 0 DYNAMICS.DIC FORMS.DIC REPORTS.DIC Microsoft Advanced Go Tos 4612 ADVGOTO.DIC F4612.DIC R4612.DIC Microsoft Advanced Security 3104 ADVSECUR.DIC ADVS_FRM.DIC ADVS_RPT.DIC Microsoft Control Account Management 2416 CAM2416.DIC CAMFORM.DIC CAMRPTS.DIC Microsoft Cash Flow Management 1632 CFM.DIC CFMFORM.DIC CFMRPTS.DIC Microsoft Collections Management 1157 CPro.dic F1157.DIC R1157.DIC Microsoft CopierSeries 2992 QK2992.DIC … Continue reading Dynamics GP Dictionaries List