Installing Microsoft Flow Addin for Excel and Selected Row Email Demo

In this post, we will look at how to install and use the Microsoft Flow Add-In for Excel. First, open Excel and go to Office Add-Ins, then select Microsoft Flow for Excel (Preview). Click Add: You will see: The Add-in is now ready to use. Let’s create a new spreadsheet, Customers, with a column for the Customers, and we will make this selection a table by highlighting then selecting Table … Continue reading Installing Microsoft Flow Addin for Excel and Selected Row Email Demo

Checking the Service Health of Your Microsoft 365 Services

To check the Service Health of Microsoft 365 services, log into Click Show All on the left: Then Health->Service Health. You will see a list of all services: Selecting Advisories will give you details on any current issues. In this case, “Users may be unable to create Skype for Business meetings for Outlook events through Outlook on the web”: Click on Show Details to see more details: You can also … Continue reading Checking the Service Health of Your Microsoft 365 Services

Office 365 and Dynamics 365 Data Center Locations

To view where Office 365 and Dynamics 365 Data Centers are located, go to Select your region, for example, North America: Note there is an updated link to Select your location or Geo: For the US:  

Assign a User’s Manager in Office 365

To assign a user a manager in Office 365, go through the following steps. Go to and select to manage Exchange: Select recipients from the left, then the user you would like to assign: Select organization and then browse to select the manager:  

Checking Dynamics 365 Service Status

To check the status of the Dynamics 365 service, as well as other Microsoft services, first log in to: Expand Health, and select Service Health: On the right, you will see different services and any incidents or advisories. For example, below there is an advisory showing a Dynamics 365 service degradation with Yammer integration: You will also see if service is “healthy”: And any incidents:  

Creating a Team Site in SharePoint

To create a team site in SharePoint, go through the following steps. First, log into SharePoint. You will then see your SharePoint home page. Click on the + Create Site link: You will be presented with an option to create a Team Site or Communication site. We will select Team Site: Now enter the name of the site. SharePoint will confirm that the site url is available (https://***** Note the … Continue reading Creating a Team Site in SharePoint

Deploying Office 365 Groups

Office 365 Groups allow you to collaborate with people that use Dynamics 365 and those that do not. You may have a scenario where you have Dynamics 365 users that are uploading information on an opportunity such as documents and notes. Users outside of Dynamics 365 will be able to collaborate using Office 365 Groups. Here we will go through deploying Office 365 Groups. From Office 365, browse to Admin: … Continue reading Deploying Office 365 Groups

Connecting Dynamics 365 to Yammer

Dynamics 365 and Yammer have built in integration. To turn on this integration, in Dynamics 365, go to Settings->Administration and select Yammer Configuration: You will see this message: Followed by: Clicking Authorize Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online to connect to Yammer displays the window below. Click Allow: This will then display additional options. Yammer is now connected. Clicking on Edit message rules takes you to: Now, when you perform actions in … Continue reading Connecting Dynamics 365 to Yammer

Office 365 Security Groups

Security Groups are a way to control access to Office 365 functionality. Security Groups are a part of Groups within Office 365. To create and view groups, go to the Admin portal at: Then select Groups: You will see a list of the groups, and note you can filter on security groups: You can create a security group by select +Add a group: Click Add: You can then select the … Continue reading Office 365 Security Groups

Dynamics 365 OneNote Integration

To set up Dynamics 365 OneNote integration, go through the following steps: First, turn on Enable Server-Based SharePoint Integration. Next, select Settings->Document Management->OneNote Integration: Turn on OneNote integration for the entities you would like: Open a lead and select the OneNote tab: This will create an Untitled document: Select the link. This will open a new OneNote online document: Right click to rename the document. Add any notes. The document … Continue reading Dynamics 365 OneNote Integration