Fiddler Install

Fiddler is a web debugging proxy tool owned by Telerik. To download it, go to: and select Free Download: Click Download: This will download: Click I Agree: Click Install: Click Close: You will see: Run Fiddler: Fiddler will load: You have the option to capture and not capture traffic: In future posts I will go into detail on using Fiddler.  

12 Traits of an Awesome CTO

The Chief Technology Officer, or CTO, is the technology leader of a company. In today’s heavily tech focused world, this is a highly important position. The wrong technology strategy could leave your company lagging behind the competition, or even worse. The CTO is an executive that guides the company’s technical direction, oversees product development, and sits in the boardroom with other C-level executives. Over the past 16+ years working professionally … Continue reading 12 Traits of an Awesome CTO

Social ERP: Dynamics GP and Twitter Integration

Social ERP is a concept in which ERP systems use social media. In this video, I show a demo I created where Dynamics GP is integrated with Twitter. The demo is running Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013. I made use of the GP development platform along with Twitter’s API to link the two systems together in real time. In the demo, I show a user navigating the customer card in GP … Continue reading Social ERP: Dynamics GP and Twitter Integration