Creating a Team Site in SharePoint

To create a team site in SharePoint, go through the following steps. First, log into SharePoint. You will then see your SharePoint home page. Click on the + Create Site link: You will be presented with an option to create a Team Site or Communication site. We will select Team Site: Now enter the name of the site. SharePoint will confirm that the site url is available (https://***** Note the … Continue reading Creating a Team Site in SharePoint

SharePoint – Create New List

To create a new list in SharePoint, go to your team site and select New->List: Enter a name and description for the list: You can now access your list: Click New to add a new item, and save the item: The item will then appear in your list:  

Dynamics 365 SharePoint Integration

Dynamics 365 has built in SharePoint integration. Here we will go through setting this up. Go to Settings->Document Management: Select SharePoint Sites: You may see sites listed. Click on the links to confirm they work: If not, select New and add your SharePoint URL: Next, select Enable Server-Based SharePoint Integration: Click Next: Select the type of SharePoint and click Next: You may see the message: Next, the wizard will connect … Continue reading Dynamics 365 SharePoint Integration