How to Create an Azure Logic App that Integrates with the Common Data Service

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Some time back we looked at creating Azure Logic Apps for cloud integrations. In this post, we will look at how to create an Azure Logic App that performs Common Data Service functions based on Common Data Service events. We will create an Azure Logic App that, when an account is created in Dynamics 365 / Power Apps, we will also create a contact and assign that contact to the new account. Let’s do it.

Log into and search for Logic Apps:

Click Add to create a new Logic App:

Give the App a name and resource group, and click Create:

Click on Logic App Designer:

Click on Blank Logic App:

Search for and select Common Data Service:

We will trigger our app to run when a record is created in the Common Data Service. Select When a record is created:

You will see:

Select your Org, entity = Accounts, and the scope, e.g. Organization:

We now need to do something when the account is created. Add a step, and let’s select the Common Data Service connector again:

Select Create a new record:

Let’s create a simple contact with last name = NEW. Set the Company Name to the Account, and the Company Name Type to accounts:

Save the Logic App:

Now let’s test this. Create a new account in your Dynamics 365 / Power App. After a few moments, refresh and we see the contact has been created and assigned to the new Account:

So we know our Logic App has run. Now let’s look at it in the Azure portal. Under Metrics, we see the Logic App has run:

We can also select Diagnostics to see more data:

And we can select Runs History to see details on each run, showing successes and failures:

Selecting a record will show the Logic App flow and where exactly it succeeded and failed, and we can troubleshoot any issues from here:

Very easy to set up cloud integrations using Azure Logic Apps using the Common Data Service connector.


Carl de Souza is a developer and architect focusing on Microsoft Dynamics 365, Power BI, Azure, and AI.

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