How to Use Azure Notebooks Hello World

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Azure Notebooks are Jupyter notebooks running on Azure, which is great as users don’t need to install any software locally, and it comes with other cool features as well. To access Notebooks, go to and sign in:

You will be prompted to create a user id. Enter one and click Save:

You will see below:

Let’s click on Create a New Project, called Hello World. Note the option to make this public or not:

Select +, then Notebook:

Give the Notebook a name and select the language that will be used. Note this currently supports Python 2.7, Python 3.5, Python 3.6, R and F#. We will select Python 3.6:

This creates a new file, HelloWorld.ipynb:

On opening it, we see below:

Add some Hello World text and run it:

print("Hello World!")

You are now using Azure Notebooks.

Note, if you’re interested in Data Science, check out the interesting Python Data Science Handbook on Azure Notebooks from Jake VanderPlas at



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