Use Visual Studio to Design Azure Logic Apps

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In a previous post, we built an Azure Logic App that integrates with the Common Data Service. We designed the Logic App in the Azure Logic App Designer, which is a web-based app. We can also design Logic Apps in Visual Studio. I will show you how to do this in Visual Studio 2019.

First, go to Extensions->Manage Extensions:

Under Online, search for Azure Logic Apps Tools for Visual Studio 2019:

Click Download:

Restart Visual Studio, the click Modify:

Click Close:

We’re now ready to use the designer. In Visual Studio, go to View->Cloud Explorer:

Log into your Azure subscription, and find Logic Apps. We see the previous Logic App we built, CommonDataServiceTest. Right-click on it and select Open with Logic App Editor:

The Logic App loads on the right:

Let’s make a change. We will update Last Name from “NEW” to “NEW2” and click Publish:

Now, if we were to log into the Logic App designer in the Azure portal, we see the Logic App has been updated:

And when we create a new Account in Dynamics 365 / Power Apps, we see the contact created is NEW2:

That’s it, we’re now able to design Azure Logic Apps from within Visual Studio.


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