Register an App with Windows Azure

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The following steps show how to register an application with Microsoft Azure. This app can then be used for OAuth 2.0 authentication outside of Dynamics CRM.

  1. Log into as your Dynamics CRM administrator.
  2. Select Azure Active Directory from the menu on the left:

  3. Select App Registrations:

  4. Select Add:

  5. Enter the name of the app, e.g. Test Basic App. Select the application type as Native:

  6. Click Create to create the app.
  7. Selecting the app will show its Application ID and Object ID:

  8. Select Required Permissions:

  9. Select Add to add a permission and choose Dynamics CRM Online:

  10. Select Access CRM Online as organization users. Click done:

  11. Select Dynamics CRM Online and select Grant Permissions. Click Yes to grant permissions:

  12. Your app is now registered on Windows Azure.




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