Running Dynamics GP on the Microsoft Cloud

Dynamics GP is ready to run on the Microsoft Cloud, Azure. This presents great opportunities for present Dynamics GP customers, and also new customers looking to move some or all of their ERP off-premise. For some time, there has been issues around moving financial data outside the walls of an organization. For many companies, those issues are still relevant. However, over time, more and more companies are making the move. … Continue reading Running Dynamics GP on the Microsoft Cloud

Dynamics AX Training – Fargo

In February (2014), I spent 3 cold weeks in Fargo, North Dakota, learning Dynamics AX. Most people have one reaction when I tell them this, which you are probably having right now. However, even though one of the days went down to about minus 32 degrees Fahrenheit (which is minus 35 Celsius), it was a fun experience. I was there on a FastTrax developer training course for Dynamics AX. The … Continue reading Dynamics AX Training – Fargo

Introduction to Web Services

Introduction Web Services are┬ádefined as a machine to machine interaction that takes place over the world wide web. Applications and servers expose functionality and data that allows other machines to communicate with them, often through standards that have been agreed upon by organizations, corporations and the community. Previously, there had been many attempts to allow different applications to be able to talk to each other, especially for business. DCOM, EDI,┬áCORBA … Continue reading Introduction to Web Services

Power Football 2015

Welcome to the Power Football League! Here is the date, weather and zip code of all 2015 regular season games for the Indigos and the Cyans, the 2 teams that will be meeting in this year’s Power Bowl. Games Played Weather Game Id Date Weather Location IND1 9/15/2015 75 42031 IND2 9/22/2015 70 24540 IND3 9/29/2015 80 28641 IND4 10/6/2015 65 68107 IND5 10/13/2015 60 30736 IND6 10/20/2015 62 37659 … Continue reading Power Football 2015

Microsoft Dynamics Version History and Timeline

Updated: January 2016 You can get more up to date information on the Dynamics 365 versions here. Microsoft Dynamics is a family of different products, some built from the ground up by Microsoft and others acquired from different companies. Here’s a timeline showing the Dynamics product history and acquisitions. TIMELINE – HISTORY 1980 – Solomon Software founded 1983 – PC&C A/S Founded (Navision) 1983 – Great Plains Software founded by … Continue reading Microsoft Dynamics Version History and Timeline

My Microsoft Experience

For the year of 1996, I worked in house at Microsoft’s Research Institute. The project involved working alongside the Research Unit Head in Sydney as part of the completion of my Bachelor degree in Information and Communication Systems. The project was interesting. It involved creating a prototyping tool written in C++ to simulate the input/output automata model used in distributed systems. In that project we utilized Microsoft’s Visual C++ (which … Continue reading My Microsoft Experience

European Retail Application Developer Awards (RAD)

The European Retail Application Developer (RAD) Awards is a yearly competition that recognizes application developers in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) who utilize Microsoft technology by providing business benefits to their customers in the retail industry. The “prestigious” award ceremony is held yearly at the Global Technology Forum in Paris, France. We were finalists for our solution using BizTalk Server (Enterprise Application Integration) and SQL Server (Business Intelligence). My … Continue reading European Retail Application Developer Awards (RAD)

Tech 2002 Dynamics GP and Microsoft Office Solutions Challenge

In 2002 Microsoft ran a competition, the “Microsoft Global Solutions Challenge”, where participants from around the world were required to showcase a solution using Dynamics GP and Microsoft Office. We created a solution using Dynamics GP, BizTalk Server, XML, Web Services, Office Web Components and Microsoft Excel. My role was lead architect/developer, and solution presenter. THE BACKGROUND In late 2001, after the dot-com boom crashed and employer went out … Continue reading Tech 2002 Dynamics GP and Microsoft Office Solutions Challenge

Building Better Software – Best Practices

When building software, several things can be done to minimize errors, prevent future code from breaking, and adding to scalability. Ideally, your practices include some of the following. TEST DRIVEN DEVELOPMENT Test Driven Development, or TDD, is the practice of writing unit tests for a new feature before writing the actual code. You essentially write the unit test case, run it so it fails, then write the code to make … Continue reading Building Better Software – Best Practices

Installing Dynamics AX 2009 with Sample Data and Developer Tools

To install AX 2009, download the installation media and run the setup. Then go through the following steps: Select Microsoft Dynamics AX. Select Developer installation: Select “Install prerequisite software”: Start Dynamics AX: Compile the application: Select the license file: Click through the next few options to synchronize the database: Create company accounts: To install the demo data, download from PartnerSource: Stop the AOT: Restore database. In this case I am … Continue reading Installing Dynamics AX 2009 with Sample Data and Developer Tools