Update Entity Framework Model

When using Entity Framework, you may need to update the model, if for example you want to add or remove objects such as fields, or you want to refresh the current model. To do this, select the edmx file, and then right click on the designer and select Update Model from Database: From here you will be able to add/remove objects:  

Dynamics CRM Option Sets and Power BI

When using Power BI to connect to Dynamics CRM. there is a problem in that option set values are retrieved as their number values, not their actual text label value. The CRM OData feed returns this value, so it is up to the developer to get the actual text value. Doing so isn’t so easy, as we can’t simply look it up. There are different ways to get around this issue, including doing a … Continue reading Dynamics CRM Option Sets and Power BI

Dynamics GP Dictionaries List

Below is a list of native and 3rd party applications and their associated dictionaries. Name Id Main Dictionary Forms Dictionary Reports Dictionary Publisher Dynamics 0 DYNAMICS.DIC FORMS.DIC REPORTS.DIC Microsoft Advanced Go Tos 4612 ADVGOTO.DIC F4612.DIC R4612.DIC Microsoft Advanced Security 3104 ADVSECUR.DIC ADVS_FRM.DIC ADVS_RPT.DIC Microsoft Control Account Management 2416 CAM2416.DIC CAMFORM.DIC CAMRPTS.DIC Microsoft Cash Flow Management 1632 CFM.DIC CFMFORM.DIC CFMRPTS.DIC Microsoft Collections Management 1157 CPro.dic F1157.DIC R1157.DIC Microsoft CopierSeries 2992 QK2992.DIC … Continue reading Dynamics GP Dictionaries List

Connecting to CRM Online using the Dynamics CRM 2016 SDK

The Dynamics CRM SDK for 2016 comes with many samples to get you up and running. One of the samples is the QuickStart projects. These projects are applications that will connect to Dynamics CRM and perform certain operations in Visual Studio projects. To run these samples, after installing the SDK, go to the folder SDK\SampleCode\CS\QuickStart. Note – I am running the C# sample. To run the QuickStart using WinForms, first open the app.config file: Uncomment … Continue reading Connecting to CRM Online using the Dynamics CRM 2016 SDK

HTTP Explained

HTTP stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol, a stateless application- level protocol for distributed, collaborative, hypertext information systems. It was initiated by Tim Berners-Lee in 1989 at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN). You can check out the specs for HTTP on the W3C website. The idea is that hypertext is text that contains hyperlinks to other nodes containing text, i.e. websites and web pages, with HTTP being the protocol … Continue reading HTTP Explained

Dynamics GP Reset System Password

To reset the Dynamics GP system password to blank, run the following query in SQL Server Management Studio: UPDATE DYNAMICS..SY02400 SET DMYPWDID=1,PASSWORD = 0x00202020202020202020202020202020

Publish ASP.NET Site to Azure

To publish an ASP.NET Visual Studio solution to Azure, select the solution in Visual Studio and select Publish:   Enter a name, select resource group, service plan and click Create: Once complete, you will see the deployment address: You can now browse to the Azure website: And the site will appear in Azure portal for management:  

Installing a Dynamics CRM 2013 Update

To install a Dynamics CRM 2013 update, you will need to go through the following steps. I will be demonstrating on a Dynamics CRM 2013 On Premise installation. Take a snapshot of your CRM environment. You will want to test the installation first on a DEV environment and make sure your customizations are working as expected after the update has been installed. Go to the Dynamics CRM 2013 updates page, located … Continue reading Installing a Dynamics CRM 2013 Update

Dynamics GP Dexterity User Security Tables

The following are useful Dynamics GP tables regarding security: SY09000 – sySecurityMSTRTask – Security Tasks Master SY10600 – Security Assignment Role Task – sySecurityAssignTaskRole SY09100 – Security Roles Master – sySecurityMSTRRole SY10500 – Security Assignment User Role – sySecurityAssignUserRole SY01500 – Company Master – SY_Company_MSTR  

My Interview with Brooklyn Independent TV – Sector B – LooseCubes

LooseCubes was one of the pioneers in the coworking movement, connecting companies that had spare desks with people who needed a workspace. The startup unfortunately shut down in 2012, but it led a vision which other coworking companies has kept going. Check out my interview Brooklyn Independent Television’s business show, Sector B, as a LooseCubes user and fan of the then relatively new concept of coworking: Video: