Setting and Using Entity Images (Pictures) in Dynamics 365

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In Dynamics 365, we can set the image of certain entities, for example below we can see there is a photo of a contact record:

Only certain out of the box entities can have entity images. These are below. Note the asterisk means enabled by default:

  • Account *
  • Campaign
  • Competitor *
  • Connection
  • Contact *
  • Contract
  • EmailServerProfile
  • Goal
  • Incident
  • Invoice
  • KbArticle
  • Lead *
  • Mailbox
  • Organization
  • OpportunityProduct
  • Product *
  • Publisher *
  • Queue
  • Resource *
  • SalesLiterature
  • SalesOrder
  • SystemUser *
  • Territory
  • TransactionCurrency

To disable or enable the entity image, go to the entity in Customizations. You will see the Primary Image field, which is set to either [None] or the field name of the entity image, in this case, Entity Image:

If we try to add a new image field to a system entity, we will get an error message, as you can only have one image per file:

Error message – “A custom image attribute can only be added to a custom entity”:

To add an entity image to a custom entity, create the new entity:

Create a new Entity Image field:

Note if you try to add a second field of type image to the form, it will automatically default the name to entityimage and not allow you to add a second image field:

The entity image field should then be set on the form properties:

Now, to show the image, select one of your forms, e.g. the Main Form. Open it and go to Form Properties:

Click on Display tab and select Show image in the form:

Save and Publish the entity. You will now see the custom entity has images enabled:




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