Creating a Report in the Power BI Service

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To create a report in the Power BI Service, go through the following steps.

Log into and select your app workspace:

Click on Dataset and select a dataset. If you do not have one, create one. For example, to create a dataset from an Excel file, select + Create ->Dataset:

Under Files, select Get:

Select Local File.

I have a customers.csv file I will upload:

The dataset will be uploaded:

Now, select Reports, and in the top right select + Create -> Report:

Select the dataset and click Create:

This will then take you to the designer, with the dataset showing on the right:

Create a visual:

Save the report:

Provide a name:

Now, clicking back on your app workspace and selecting Reports, you will see the reports have multiple options:

These include:

  • View Usage Metrics
  • Share
  • Analyze in Excel
  • Quick Insights
  • View Related
  • Settings
  • Delete

I will go into these options in more detail in other posts.


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