Copying a Dynamics 365 Organization into another Org

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In this post, we will look at how to copy a Dynamics 365 instance into a sandbox instance. For example, you may have a production environment with production data and customizations that you would like to copy down to a development instance.

In our case, we have Contoso, which is our production organization, and Contoso DEV, our development org. We will select Contoso to copy from. You will see the Copy button, if the ability to copy is available. Click Copy:

You will see below. We will perform a Full Copy. A minimal copy will only copy users, customizations and schema:

Select the target instance:

Select a security group, or all users will be added to the instance. We will select a Development security, which contains only our development team members:

Click Copy:

You will see below. Click Yes to copy:

You will then be taken back to the main page, with the instance being copied to in status “preparing instance”:

Once complete, the status will go back to Ready:

Note the message:

The copy operation is complete. Before non-administrators can sign in and background operations can run, you have to disable Administration mode. However, be aware that some customizations may point to external services that can affect the production application. These issues should be addressed before you disable Administration mode.

Click on Admin, uncheck Admin Mode and Save:

The source instance will now be restored into the target instance.



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