Checking out the Personalized Visualizations Pane in Power BI

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A new preview feature of Power BI Desktop is the ability to pin the choices of visualizations available in the Visualization Pane, so we can access them easily across multiple reports. This will be a welcome change to report designers who often use visualizations that are not out of the box.

To enable the preview, go to Power BI Desktop and select Options:

Under Preview features, select Personalized visualizations pane and click OK:

Restart Power BI Desktop:

Now, when we start Power BI Desktop and open a report or create a new report, we see the following Visualizations available to us:

Let’s add a new visualization option by selecting Import from marketplace:

We will add the Radar chart:

Click OK:

We now see the Radar chart as an option. Notice the icon is in a separate area from the other visualizations:

Right-clicking the Radar Chart icon, we have the option Pin to Visualizations pane:

Doing so moves the icon to the other visualizations:

Let’s restart Power BI and create a new report. We see that the Radar chart is now available on this new, unrelated report. If we open older existing reports, we will also see this pinned visualization. The visualization is now tied to the account I am signed in on (you need to be signed in). This is great, no need to re-add the Radar chart across multiple reports:

Now what if we don’t want it across reports? Right-click and unpin:

Click OK:

It is moved back to the “other” visualizations area:

If we restart Power BI or open another report, the visualization disappears:

A useful feature if you use your own visualizations often.


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