Separation of Concerns

Separations of Concerns (Soc) is a design principle in software development. The idea is to separate code based on the function and logic. A typical example is the separation of code that performs business logic, and the code that displays this to the user. This code should exist independently; if a developer were to write code that performed both these functions together, it would be a violation of the principle. … Continue reading Separation of Concerns

Building Better Software – Best Practices

When building software, several things can be done to minimize errors, prevent future code from breaking, and adding to scalability. Ideally, your practices include some of the following. TEST DRIVEN DEVELOPMENT Test Driven Development, or TDD, is the practice of writing unit tests for a new feature before writing the actual code. You essentially write the unit test case, run it so it fails, then write the code to make … Continue reading Building Better Software – Best Practices