Installing Power BI Desktop

Power BI Desktop (formerly Power BI Designer) is the tool that allows us to create Power BI visualizations. It is a stand-alone Windows Desktop application (a Mac version has been submitted to the Ideas section of the Power BI forums – see here). To install the tool, go to and download the latest application. Once installed, access the application through the Windows Start menu: Opening the desktop, you will be able to … Continue reading Installing Power BI Desktop

Dynamics CRM Option Sets and Power BI

When using Power BI to connect to Dynamics CRM. there is a problem in that option set values are retrieved as their number values, not their actual text label value. The CRM OData feed returns this value, so it is up to the developer to get the actual text value. Doing so isn’t so easy, as we can’t simply look it up. There are different ways to get around this issue, including doing a … Continue reading Dynamics CRM Option Sets and Power BI

Power Football 2015

Welcome to the Power Football League! Here is the date, weather and zip code of all 2015 regular season games for the Indigos and the Cyans, the 2 teams that will be meeting in this year’s Power Bowl. Games Played Weather Game Id Date Weather Location IND1 9/15/2015 75 42031 IND2 9/22/2015 70 24540 IND3 9/29/2015 80 28641 IND4 10/6/2015 65 68107 IND5 10/13/2015 60 30736 IND6 10/20/2015 62 37659 … Continue reading Power Football 2015