Web Resources Manager in XrmToolBox

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The Web Resources Manager is a 3rd party XrmToolBox plugin from MsCrmTools that is useful for managing web resources in Dynamics 365. To use it, open the XrmToolbox and select Web Resources Manager:

You will see:

Select Load Web Resources:

Select the resources to load:

Resources will load. Note the hierarchy of resources is displayed in a tree structure:

Selecting a resource will display it:

Note the option for beautifying, compressing and comparing JavaScript:

To update a web resource, make an update:

And then click Save, and Update:

Note the option to search file names:

With images, you can replace:

And download web resources to disk:

You can also create a new root and then add files to it:

In Dynamics 365, the resources are created:

You can also delete resources through the tool:



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