Using Tooltips to Show an Image on Hovering Over a Power BI Record

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In this post, we will look at how to set up Power BI tooltips so when a user hovers over a record, it displays an image.

Let’s follow on from a previous post where we showed how to display images from a URL in Power BI. We will now display only the City name in the report, and when the user hovers over the name, the tooltip will display the image of the City.

Our report has 1 tab, with one table showing only the City name:

Create a new tab on the report, and let’s call it City Tooltip:

On the Page Information, turn Tooltip On:

And for the Page Size, set it to Tooltip:

Set the view to be Actual Size, so we can see exactly how the tooltip will look:

We should now see something like:

Let’s add the Url field to the tooltip, and also add a textbox called “Image of City” so the user knows what they are looking at:

Now, on the first report page, let’s wire up the visual to the tooltip. Select the visual, and turn Tooltip on, then select the Page as City Tooltip:

Now, when the user hovers over a City name, they will see the image of the city:



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