Using Local and Global Option Sets in Dynamics 365 Forms

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In Dynamics 365, there are 2 types of option set fields, global and local. Global option sets are stored at a “global” level and can be used in any entity. This is different from local option sets, which are available only to the entity they are created in. Having an option set at a form level is beneficial if, say, you have unique attributes for the field and therefore having it globally wouldn’t make sense. If you reuse the field in many entities, having a global option set would make sense.

To create a Global Option Set, open Customizations and go to Option Sets. Click New:

Create the option set:

To create a Local Option Set, go to any entity and go to fields, then select New:

Create the option set field:

Now let’s add both these option sets to a form in the entity with the local option set. Open a form. You will see My Local Option Set:

Drag it across:

Now to use the global option set, click New Field:

Select Yes to using a Global Option Set:

From the list of all global option sets, select

Click Save:

Save and Refresh the form.

Drag the field across:

Save and publish the form. You can now use the option sets:



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