Unified Service Desk CTI Screen Pop with IE

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In Unified Service Desk, if you have a CTI Generic Listener set up, you can invoke this opening an Internet Explorer window and accessing the port through a URL. You can also pass parameters to the URL.

For example, if the USD port is 5000, you can access the URL like below, passing in parameters:


Open USD, then run this in IE. You will see a blank page:

USD will then open a session:

Opening the debugger, we can see cti node created, with the replacement parameters:

We can pass our own parameters, for example if we pass a parameter called “testparam”:

We can see the new parameter:

And access the replacement new parameter as: [[cti.testparam]]

We can also see in the debugger an action call for the ScreenPopRequested action:

And then the CTI Route:

Which comes from our routing rule CTI Route:

To give an idea of how to use these parameters, if we add an action to the CTI routing rule:

To display a message:

We will see the message of the replacement parameter displayed:

Note, if instead of selecting to Create a Session, you chose to Do Action, the CTI node would not be created, but you can access the CTI parameters through their name, e.g. [[ANI]+]




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