Power BI Home – Exploring the Features

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Power BI has now moved into a preview feature. In a previous post, I spoke about the announcement of Power BI Home and what it means. In this post we will explore using the new home.

We can see the welcome message – “Everything you need in one place: Your top visuals are displayed for easy consumption. Your favorites, frequents, and recents are close at hand. And you can explore learning opportunities to improve your Power BI experience”. Clicking “Got it” will remove the message.

In the top section, we can see quick access to our Favorites + frequents, which displays apps (e.g. Sales Analytics for Dynamics 365) and dashboards (e.g. Carl’s Dashboard):

If we click on Sales Analytics for Dynamics 365, for example, the app will open:

The Recents section shows recent dashboards, such as the new Carl’s Dashboard I created. Apps shows apps that have been installed:

In the bottom section are learning videos:

Selecting a video currently takes you to the Power BI documentation:

With See All taking you to:

At the top right we have the Search box:

As we start to type into the box, we can see the search is making suggestions:

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