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As announced at the Business Applications Summit 2018 and shown by Power BI Product Manager Nikhil Gaekwad, Power BI’s user landing page will be revamped as “Power BI Home”. I believe Power BI Home will be impactful in the following ways:

  • Help drive user adoption and engagement
  • Expose users to new and existing content
  • Give users the ability to find data quickly
  • Draw in other users in an almost Slack/Teams like way

Here’s a look at some new features.

User will be able to see multiple dashboards within their “home” page, which will help to view multiple pieces of information in one glance, as well as potentially surfacing lesser used dashboards:

Users can use a new global search feature, which will search across all of Power BI. With an ever expanding number of dashboards and reports, being able to find content easily is huge:

The home page will also show recent content (always a good feature) and well as recommended apps based on what people are using:

Users will also have the ability to comment on reports and dashboards, and use @mentions in their comments. Users mentioned can receive push/email notifications which will drive them back to the site to comment:

You can read more about Power BI Home here.


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