Dynamics 365 Learning Paths Functionality

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In Dynamics 365, Learning Paths are ways to help users to use the system when opening a page, performing an action or selecting the help button.

To enable, go to System Settings->Administration, General tab:

Click OK:

After doing this, you may be redirected to the main dashboard and/or see this error – “You are not in the security group, Learning Path Authors. You can’t author in Learning Path until you are part of this group. Please ask your system administrator to add you to it.”:

Select Groups->Learning Path Authors:

Click to add Members and Owners and add relevant users to either category:

The following page will load. Learning Paths consist of Guided Tasks and Sidebars (the right help menu):

Click to create a new Sidebar. The sidebar template will open on the right of the screen. We will enter a test sidebar to demonstrate:

Click the save icon, then on the bottom left click Preview:

You will see how the sidebar looks:

Click Publish:

And Publish:

Click OK:

You can also check in your changes:

Now, click on the help icon:

Search for Test. You will see the new Test Sidebar just created:

Selecting it will open the sidebar:

Now create a guided tour:

Enter a name and click Save:

Enter a name for the tile:

Click Add New Step. We will add a step with Next button:

Drag the pin to where you would like the step to show. We will show it on the Refresh All button:

Click Save:

And Publish:

Now in the help, search for Test. You will see the Test Task Tile:

The tile will open:



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