Power BI – Enter Data and Edit Data

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In Power BI Desktop, there is a feature to Enter Data. This is useful if you would like to add some ad-hoc data that does not come from a data source. For example, you could create a simple table with some columns and rows, and then use that as you would with other tables in Power BI.

To do this, in a Power BI Desktop project, select Enter Data:

This will open the Create Table screen:

From here, you can enter new columns, give these columns names, and enter in rows of data. You can also give the table a name, in this case, Orders:

Click Load to load the data to the Power BI desktop, or Edit to open the Edit Queries window. Here we will open the Edit queries window.

To add/remove/change the table and data, under Applied Steps, click the icon next to Source:

From here, the same window will open, allowing you to change the table:



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