Set Dynamics 365 Colors and Logo Using Themes

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In Dynamics 365, you can set the logo and colors of the organization through “themes”. To access themes, go to Settings->Customizations:

Select Themes:

Here you will see any existing themes in the system, as well as what is marked as the current “default” theme:

To set a theme, select it and press “Publish Theme”:

The system will then be updated to use that theme. Note the color differences in using the Blue theme:

There are several elements we can control, including:

  • Logo
  • Logo Tooltip
  • Navigation Bar Fill Color
  • Navigation Bar Shelf Fill Color
  • Title Text Color
  • Main Color
  • Accent Color
  • Link and Button Text Color
  • Selected Link Color
  • Hover Link Color
  • Legacy Accent Color
  • Default Entity Color
  • Default Custom Entity Color
  • Control Hover Fill Color
  • Control Hover Border Color
  • Page Header Fill Color
  • Panel Header Fill Color

Looking at a Dynamics 365 page, we can see some of these colors being used:

To create a new theme, click New:

Give the theme a name:

You will need to know the HEX color codes for your colors. You can find these in various websites or applications. I will use these at to demonstrate:

Let’s make our nav bar fill color to be green:

Add the hex color to the theme. The actual color will be displayed:

Add more colors to the theme:

Save and Publish the theme. The colors will be updated:

To use a logo, we will need to create a web resource to hold our image. In the logo field, click New:

Select the picture format and save and publish:

Select it on the theme:

Save and Publish the theme. You will now see the new logo:

And when you zoom over it, tooltip:



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