Power BI Gateway Installation

To use the Power BI Gateway, run the executable after downloading from Power BI: You will see this window below: Click Next: Enter email address to sign in: Add gateway name and key: Gateway installed: Service settings: Diagnostics: Network: Now in PowerBI.com, go to Manage Gateways: You can now see the new gateway: Note the differences between the Personal Gateway and the On-Premise Data Gateway: Personal gateway On-premises data gateway Cloud services it … Continue reading Power BI Gateway Installation

Power Query Language M Start of Week

There is a function called StartOfWeek that displays the start of the week in Power Query formula language. Syntax: Date.StartOfWeek(<date>) The week starts on Sunday and runs through to Saturday. To use Monday to Friday, you can add a day to it using the function Date.AddDays(<date>, 1).  

Power BI Featured Dashboard

When you log into Power BI, you are presented with a dashboard before you select any of the other dashboards. This is your featured dashboard. If you have not set a featured dashboard before, it will default to another dashboard. To set a featured dashboard, do the following. First, select the dashboard you would like to see when you log in, and click on the ellipse on the top right: Next, select “Set … Continue reading Power BI Featured Dashboard


Power BI has a RELATED function that allows you to get data from a related table. Let’s go through an example. We have 2 tables: Goals, which holds salesperson’s goals Sales, which holds sales transactions The tables have a relationship of the common field Salesperson. Now, let’s say we want a field in the Sales table which is the Goal field from the Goals table. To do this, create a … Continue reading Power BI – DAX – RELATED

Microsoft’s Power Couple: Power BI and Microsoft Dynamics

Power BI, Microsoft’s cloud based business intelligence service, is a must-have component for companies running any of the products in the Microsoft Dynamics suite, whether it is CRM, AX, GP, NAV or Project Madeira. As a modern intelligence tool, it enables companies to rapidly get insight into their data and interactively find trends to make informed business decisions. Without BI, companies lack visibility and may be running with the wrong roadmap. Businesses already have basic reporting into their data, such as what last month’s sales were, who … Continue reading Microsoft’s Power Couple: Power BI and Microsoft Dynamics

Your Power BI Guide to American Football

It’s almost time for Super Bowl 50, and I thought it would be timely to show how Power BI can be used to help analyze the game of American Football! As we get closer to the big day, sports analysts are showing different ways to look at the myriad of data at their disposal. Sports news websites and TV shows frequently display line charts, bar charts, donut charts and numbers as … Continue reading Your Power BI Guide to American Football

Why I Love Power BI – Top 10 Reasons

I often get asked the question what’s so good about Power BI. I think the question is more like why do I love Power BI! Many of my clients do not fully understand just what Power BI is and why it is a game changer in business intelligence. Here goes. Power BI is Microsoft’s new cloud-based Business Intelligence service. It allows anyone to visualize and analyze data for free. Users can connect … Continue reading Why I Love Power BI – Top 10 Reasons

Installing Power BI Desktop

Power BI Desktop (formerly Power BI Designer) is the tool that allows us to create Power BI visualizations. It is a stand-alone Windows Desktop application (a Mac version has been submitted to the Ideas section of the Power BI forums – see here). To install the tool, go to https://powerbi.microsoft.com/en-us/desktop/ and download the latest application. You have 2 options to install. The first is by clicking Download, which will open the Microsoft Store. … Continue reading Installing Power BI Desktop

Dynamics CRM Option Sets and Power BI

When using Power BI to connect to Dynamics CRM. there is a problem in that option set values are retrieved as their number values, not their actual text label value. The CRM OData feed returns this value, so it is up to the developer to get the actual text value. Doing so isn’t so easy, as we can’t simply look it up. There are different ways to get around this issue, including doing a … Continue reading Dynamics CRM Option Sets and Power BI

Power Football 2015

Welcome to the Power Football League! Here is the date, weather and zip code of all 2015 regular season games for the Indigos and the Cyans, the 2 teams that will be meeting in this year’s Power Bowl. Games Played Weather Game Id Date Weather Location IND1 9/15/2015 75 42031 IND2 9/22/2015 70 24540 IND3 9/29/2015 80 28641 IND4 10/6/2015 65 68107 IND5 10/13/2015 60 30736 IND6 10/20/2015 62 37659 … Continue reading Power Football 2015