View Workflow Process History in Dynamics 365

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In Dynamics 365, once you have created a workflow, you can view the workflows that have run against records.

Let’s say we have a workflow that runs on an Account, which creates a Task on creation.

There are a few ways to check this workflow. Note this workflow is set up as a background workflow.

First, go to System Jobs.

Filter by Started On:

We can also filter the entity to Account and/or the System Job Type to Workflow. You will see the workflow:

Selecting the workflow, you will see the details including when it ran, the record it ran on etc:

You can also access this from the workflow itself. Open the workflow and select Process Sessions:

To view the processes on the record itself, click on the down arrow next to the account name, and you will see Process Sessions->Background Processes (if you do not see it, you will need to configure it on the form):

You will then see a history of processes run:

Real-time workflows do not use System Jobs records (as they run immediately). There is no logging for successful real-time workflows.

In the workflow, check “Keep logs for workflow jobs that encounter errors”. Errors will then appear in the Process Sessions tab:

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