Releasing and Assigning Queue Item Behavior in Dynamics 365

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In Dynamics 365, we can use queues to process records such as cases. In this post, we will look at the life cycle of a queue item.

Let’s start with our queue. We have a queue called Test Queue. This is a public queue, so everyone has access to it:

Let’s add a case to this queue. We have a case below, that is owned by MOD Administrator. Click Add to Queue:

We will select Test Queue:

We can see in the Queue Item Details, the Worked By is blank as no-one is working on the case, and it has been added to the Test Queue. We also have a link back to the case:

As the user Alan, we will go to Queues, and Pick the item:

Select No to keep the item in the queue:

We can see Alan is now in the Worked By field:

Alan is now the owner of the case as well:

What if Alan releases the case? The ownership goes back to MOD Administrator:

And the Worked By is blank:

Now let’s look at assigning. MOD Administrator assigns the case to Alan:

We can see Alan is now the owner:

But Worked By is still blank:

If MOD Administrator changes the case to belong to a personal queue, e.g. Bob, we will see the case in her queue, but the ownership will remain unchanged.

If we pick an item, the Worked By field is populated:

If we Release it:

The Worked By is removed:



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