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Session New is an event that is part of the CRM Global Manager hosted control. A typical sequence of events is:

  1. User selects a link in USD
  2. USD determines if there is a Window Navigation Rule associated with the from entity clicked and the to entity. Or, if there is a navigation rule from blank entity to blank entity
  3. If there is, and the result is Create Session, then
  4. Perform the actions associated with Session New in the CRM Global Manager hosted control

So, every time a session is started, these actions are performed. We can limit which actions are called by the Conditions on the action. For example, below we are checking if the initial entity is an Account. If it is, then we can perform the action, which is to to go to the agent scripting task for Accounts.

We can also perform actions such as opening other hosted controls. For example, the Knowledge Base hosted control has a simple default action here:

Selecting the hosted control will give us more details like where the control will be displayed:



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