Unified Client Interface (UCI) in Dynamics 365

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The Unified Client Interface (UCI) or Unified Interface is a new user interface in Dynamics 365. The idea is that it is one “unified” interface that is able to run everywhere, i.e. web, mobile etc with a rich and responsive design.

Enhancements provided by the UCI over previous user interfaces include:

  • Less white space
  • Cleaner more uniform look
  • Enable users to see more data without scrolling
  • Right to Left languages
  • Accessibility improvements
  • Timeline control
  • Docking of business process flows
  • New navigation menu
  • Responsive design

Let’s take a look at this. If we log into the Sales Hub in Dynamics 365, we can see the design, look and feel has changed, with the new navigation menu on the left to get to data quickly:

Navigating to opportunities, we can see a new design with nice looking charts:

And drilling right down into an opportunity record, we can see the new design of the business process flows:

Let’s see how this works with the responsive design. If we change the size of the browser showing the opportunity, we can see the number of columns change from 3 to 2:

And reducing the size further, from 2 to 1 column:

If we shrink the dashboard, we can see the navigation move, with the charts scrolling vertically:

In the Dynamics 365 for Phones app, we can see the dashboards:

And opportunities:

Note some features are not yet available in UCI, such as Advanced Find, Bulk Edit, Merge Records etc. Look for these features to be enabled in future versions.

You can read more about the Unified Interface on the Microsoft documentation site here.


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