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There may be a scenario when you want to open a CRM record from USD in CRM. For example, you select a record in USD and the record is displayed in USD, but you would not like to view the record in a web browser as a Dynamics CRM record.

Let’s go through how to do this. We will create a new toolbar button that will allow the user to open the CRM record in USD.

First, we will show how to open any web page from the button, and we will then change the code to open specifically the CRM record.

First, create an action. The action will run against the CRM Global Manager, and be a popup. We will define the website to open here, in this case let’s use Note the instructions for popup are “Pops up a URL from the hosted control and runs the window navigation rules to route the pop-up window to the appropriate location”:

Next, go to Toolbars and open the main toolbar. Create a new button called Open Record in CRM:


Add the action we created above to the button:

Next, create a windows navigation rule. Set the Action as “Show Outside”:

Now, start USD and click on the new toolbar link. This will open an IE session with for the web page defined above:

In summary, we:

  1. Created an Action on the CRM Global Manager, with the web page defined and action = popup
  2. Added a button to a toolbar with this action
  3. Create a windows navigation rule for this from entity (CRM Global Manager), the action being “Show Outside”

Now let’s say we want to show a CRM record that is selected in USD, outside in a separate CRM browser session.

To do this, we will use Replacement Parameters. In USD, select an Account record. Then open the debugger and copy the replacement parameter.

Now, go back to the action we created before, and change the website URL to open a CRM account record. Where the GUID should go, we will paste our replacement paramter:

Restart USD and let’s select an account record. Then select the new button. An IE session will open to the record:




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