New_CRM_Page and Open_CRM_Page in USD

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In Unified Service Desk, there are 2 actions that deal with CRM pages – New_CRM_Page and Open_CRM_Page. Here we will go through an example of using each of these.

In our example, in USD when we click on a contact record, a session starts. We will add 2 actions to the BrowserDocumentComplete event of the contact.

The first action will be New Lead. When a contact record loads, we will create a new Lead record in its own hosted control tab. Second, we will open the account record associated with the contact in its own tab.

First create the the action call for the Lead – we will prepopulate some attributes on the new lead using name-value pairs:

The second action will be the loading of the account associated with the contact.

Notice in the replacement parameters the format is schema name, Id, Name:

We can get the Id using the format: [[contact.parentcustomerid.Id]]

For the windows navigation rules, we have:

Now, when USD loads and we select a customer, we will see:




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