Getting a Dynamics 365 CRM Dashboard URL


In the newer versions of Dynamics CRM, getting the URL of a dashboard is not that straight forward. Here are the steps to do it.

  1. Get the GUID of the dashboard. To do this, go to Settings->Customizations->Customize the System:

  2. Select and open the dashboard:

  3. In the URL of the dashboard, find where it says formId. Copy the GUID between %7b:

  4. Add your GUID to this URL:
  5. Open this in a web browser. You will now see the dashboard in the full window.

Note this URL does not appear to get the dashboard selector:

To include this, use the URL format:



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2 Responses to Getting a Dynamics 365 CRM Dashboard URL

  1. Great post. Very useful. However, if you add the workplace/home_dashboards it will not take you to your dashboard GUID you define in the URL. It will take you to your default dashboard. It would take your to your default dashboard.


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