Creating a Dashboard from Within Power BI Service

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To create a dashboard in the Power BI service, go through the following steps.

First, select your workspace:

From the top right, select Create->Dashboard:

Provide a dashboard name, e.g. Carl’s Dashboard:

You will see a blank screen with options. Select + Add Tile:

You can select from:

  • Web Content
  • Image
  • Text box
  • Video
  • Real-Time Data

Web Content

Select web content. Click Next:

Here we can add web content such as HTML, embedding videos, tweets etc.

Let’s first add some HTML:

Next let’s embed a tweet. Go to Twitter, select a tweet and grab the embed code:

Paste and Apply:

We now have 2 web content examples:


Select Add Tile->Image->Next:

Let’s grab the URL of my profile picture from Twitter:

Text Box

Select Text Box:


Add a video:

You can add from YouTube, Vimeo etc. We will use YouTube as an example. Select the video and either copy the URL from the address bar, or click share:

And copy the URL:

Copy to the tile:

The tile will be added:

You can rearrange tiles on the dashboard by dragging them:

And by selecting a tile, you can Edit details, Add a comment, pin tile and delete tile:

Real-Time Data

For real-time data streaming, see my post here.



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