Checking out the Org Browser Canvas App in Power Apps

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In Microsoft Power Apps, there is an Org Browser Canvas App which connects to your Office 365 data and enables the app user to search for Office 365 users in an organization. This can be convenient if you want to enable users to contact other users, especially mobile ones. Let’s take a look at it.

To install it, go to and select Apps, then Org Browser:

Give the App a name. We will call it Org Browser Test and click Create:

Click Allow to grant permissions to the app:

We see the Create Studio below. Click Play to run the app:

We are presented with a screen with a search box. Let’s search for an employee called Alicia:

In searching, we see one result returned. Let’s select it:

We are now at the employee record for Alicia Thomber. We can see her position, department, who she reports to and who reports to her. Let’s click on the icon to see more details:

Let’s publish the app. First Save it by going to File->Save:

And save to the Cloud:

Click Share if you want to share it with other users:

Now let’s log into the Power Apps mobile app, which I will do on my phone:

We get the same screens:

Conveniently, clicking on a phone number will start a phone call in the mobile app:



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