Best Practices Analyzer for USD – Recommendations

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Following on from previous posts, below is a list of Unified Service Desk Best Practices Analyzer recommendations.

Note these were run in a test environment and may not reflect the outcomes of what you would see if run in your environments:

Hard Disk Space:

Enable Automatic Crash Recovery:

Client Caching:

Process Termination Threshold:

Internal WPF Hosting Type:

Action Calls in PageLoadComplete Event:

Action Calls in DesktopReady Event:

Action Calls in SessionNew Event:

Maximum Number of Sessions:

Internet Explorer Pooling:

Activity Tracking Enabled:


Available Memory:

Operating System Version:

Unified Service Desk Version:

Unified Service Desk Up time:

Memory by Unified Service Desk process:

Tab Process Growth:

Tab Shutdown Delay:

Enable Enhanced Protected Mode:

Enable Protected Mode:

Cleanup HTCs:

Internet Explorer Version:

Action Calls in SessionActivated event:

Action Calls in SessionDeactivated event:

Action Calls in SessionClosed event:

Number of Navigation Rules:

Show Script Errors:

Help Improve USD:

Diagnostic Tracking Enabled:

Enable Exit Monitoring:

Enable Crash Dump Generation:

Internet Explorer Recovery:



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