Behavior of Merging Cases in Dynamics 365

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In this post, we will look at the behavior of merging two cases in Dynamics 365. This situation may arise if you have duplicate or similar cases, and you would like to consolidate so one case exists.

First, let’s create a new case. Go to Service->Cases:

Create a new case:

We will call it Case 1:

Let’s create a new activity for Case 1:

Click to add a new activity:

Create a new Task:

We will call it, Task 1 for Case 1:

You will see the new task activity on the case:

Now we will add a new note to the case:

Now let’s create another case, Case 2:

Create a new task activity, Task 1 for Case 2:

And add a note:

We will now merge the 2 cases together. On the Cases list, select both cases and click Merge Cases:

Let’s say we want to merge Case 1 into Case 2. We will select Case 2 as the case to merge other cases into. So Case 2 will be the surviving case:

Click Merge. You will see the message when complete:

We can see Case 2 is in the list of cases, and no Case 1 exists:

If we go to our notes for the case, we can see notes for both cases exist, so if we need to see a history of all the case notes, they are available:

For the Activities, we can see both tasks are set to regarding now for Case 2:



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