Using Microsoft Flow to Create Recurring Tasks in Dynamics 365

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Microsoft Flow can be used to create recurring tasks in Dynamics 365. Let’s go through an example.

Let’s say we want to send create a task that reminds a salesperson to call their customers every morning.

Sign in to Select My Flows, then New:

Pick Scheduled – From Blank:

Set a date, time and frequency. The flow can run every Month, Week, Day, Hour, Minute and Second:

Click Create. This will create our Recurrence. Now we can tell the flow what to do. Click Next Step:

Search for Dynamics 365, and Create a new record:

Set the Entity Name to Tasks, and provide a Subject:

Add any other information, then click Save:

Now click Test to see if the flow works. Click Run Flow:

Click Done

Go to Dynamics 365. You will see the task has been set up:

The flow is now activated. Wait until the specified date/time/recurrence and you will see a new Task created in Dynamics 365.

To disable the recurring task, select the flow and click Turn Off:



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