Using Chrome and Edge in Unified Service Desk 4.1

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The recent release of Unified Service Desk 4.1 brings support for Chrome and Edge processes, which should bring performance enhancements over previous releases of USD which were limited to IE processes. To upgrade to USD 4.1, see here. In this post, we will look at how to use Chrome and Edge with USD. Note Edge support is still in preview.

Go to USD settings in Dynamics 365 and open a hosted control. The new Chrome and Edge processes are supported in the following hosted control types:

    • CRM Page
    • Unified Interface Page
    • Standard Web Application
    • KM Control
    • Unified Interface KM Control
    • Channel Integration Framework

Opening a control of these types, you will see the new Hosting Type options of Chrome Process and Edge Process:

To demonstrate the new process, let’s create a new hosted control, Customer Account, of type CRM Page and Chrome Process:

On opening a contact, we will also open the customer account associated with it using as action call such as Open_CRM_Page. You can see below, the customer account is now open:

Now, if we focus on the Customer Account page, and press CTRL-N, a browser will open the page selected. In our case, the Chrome browser will open to the page:

In the USD Debugger, we see HostingMode is set to ChromeProcess:

Let’s change our process to now use Edge process:

The Customer Account page looks the same in USD:

The HostingMode is set to EdgeProcess:

Organizations can make use of the GlobalBrowserMode setting to use Chrome or Edge at an org level through USD Options, or at a user level through the USD config file, instead of at a hosted control level.

There are some limitations with using Chrome and Edge, such as support for inactivity timeout/SSO, support for CloseAndPrompt, and JS alert limitations. You can read more about these here.


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