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Below are the Unified Service Desk versions:

VersionRelease DateNotes
4.0August 20, 2018Unified Interface apps support with Web Client to UI Migration Assistant, stop accidental closure feature, new UI KM control, and preview features – USD admin app, stack notifications, SwitchSession actions
3.3April 24, 2018Unified Interface, Best Practice Analyzer
3.2March 14. 2018Performance diagnostics, faster load times
3.1.0Nov 8, 2017TLS 1.2, inactivity and session timer support
3.0.0Aug 28, 2017Configure USD diagnostics options from the Audit and Diagnostics page, exit monitoring, on-demand diagnostics, Jaws Reader Support, Decrease Average Handling Time using PreFetch, Avoid Unified Service Desk freezes using RunAsync, Keyboard Shortcuts, Enhanced Debugging options 21, 2017
2.2.1Feb 2017Enhanced exception handling for custom hosted controls, enhanced diagnostic logging for CHCs, keyboard shortcuts for panels
2.2Dec 2016Notifications, better debugging and troubleshooting, custom login and splash screen, high contrast mode 2016Interactive service hub
2.0.2April 2016Bug fixes
2.0.1Feb 2016Multi-monitor support
2.0OAuth, custom listeners, entity search service, CRM KB, HAT software factory support, enhanced browser control, easily deploy custom hosted controls
1.2.0April 2015Sample applications, deploy sample, Parature KM
1.1.0Dec 2014Guide on how to update USD and new developer guide
1.0.1Sep 2014Added 2 security roles, added USD area under Settings
1.0.0May 2014CRM SP1, CRM Online Spring 2014

Former names:

  • Customer Care Desktop (CCD)
  • Customer Care Accelerator (CCA)

More information:


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