USD – User Settings, ReadSetting, SaveSetting

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In Unified Service Desk, there are user settings which can be referenced at run time. To set up user settings, go to Unified Service Desk->User Settings:

Click New to add a setting:

From here, enter the user that this setting should apply to, and a name and value:

For example:

Now, when you start USD, you will see the settings for this user under $Settings (this will not exist if the user does not have any settings applied):

Now we can call SaveSettings to update our setting. If we created an action we can see that name and value are required:

If we run this from the debugger to update the value to Bing, we can see the parameter has been updated:

There is also a ReadSettings action:

For example, let’s add this to the DesktopReady event. Now, as a subaction of the ReadSettings action, we will go to the website of the $Settings parameter:

When you open USD, as the $Settings exists, the website open will come from the user setting:

If the user is not assigned a setting, ReadSettings will return false and not execute the subaction.


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