Uploading Data to Dynamics CRM Online

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Dynamics CRM Online has a way to perform a manual upload data to the system. This is useful if you have data in an excel spreadsheet, for example, and you need that data in CRM. This method to upload data is used ad-hoc and is different from more complex real-time integrations.

Here I have a CSV file with accounts I want to upload to CRM. Note the upload format needs to be CSV, XML Spreadsheet 2003, txt. xlsx or zip.

To upload data into Dynamics CRM, go to Settings->Data Management:

Select Imports on the right:


Select Import Data to open the window below:

Confirm the settings:

Here I will select the Default (Automatic Mapping):

Select Account as the entity to map to:

Confirm the field mapping:


Here you can decide how to deal with duplicates, and if you want to save the map:

Click Submit to start the import:

You can track progress of the import by going to Imports. You can see below the import is in status “Transforming”. You will need to wait until it is “Completed” status.

Upload has now completed:

After the import is complete you can go back to the import to see if there were any failures. To do this go to My Imports:

Click on the file name and you will see there are 3 failures:

Select Failures on the left to see what actually failed. In this case the phone number was in the incorrect format:

You can also select “Export Error Rows” here to export the results back to a CSV file. This will help reimporting the failed data. I am going to change the phone number format to (XXX) YYY-ZZZZ in the data and re-upload.

I will re-import the file by going through the above steps again. You can see now I have a success of 3 records:

And the accounts in my file have now been uploaded into Dynamics CRM:



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