Tracking Knowledge Article Versions in Dynamics 365

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In Dynamics 365, you can maintain different versions of Knowledge Articles.

Let’s say we have a published article we want to update. We are at major version 1.0 of the article:

Let’s create another version of the article, version 1.1:

Click OK:

Let’s update the article by updating the text. We will change It’s to It is:

Click Save to save the 1.1 article:

At this point, version 1.0 is still published, and version 1.1 is in Draft status. Click Publish, so version 1.1 becomes the main active version:

Note version 1.0 no longer shows as an active article:

Now, if we open the main article, and select the Summary tab, we can see under Related Information the article history:

Selecting version 1.0 will open that version:

Now what happens if I directly update version 1.1 of our article without creating a new version? Let’s make an update:

And click Update:

Click OK to confirm updates:

Now on the Summary tab, we still see the 1.1 version:

And the version shows the latest update, which can be good if you don’t need to track a different version, or not so good if you would like to keep track:



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