Reusing and Duplicating Fields in a Dynamics 365 Form

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When using fields in Dynamics 365 forms, you may want to reuse the same fields in different tabs, sections and locations. This can be useful if you want to show the same data in a certain location, and it can also be useful when implementing a pattern to hide and show tabs or sections with data.

For example, let’s say we have an Account form that looks like below, with an Account Information section:

Let’s say we want to use the same fields but with a different order or label. Open the form in Design mode. We can see we have the Account Name, Phone Number etc:

Let’s create another section below this called ACCOUNT INFORMATION 2. Uncheck Only show unused fields. This will display fields already used on the form:

Drag across the Account Name field, so it is on the form twice:

We can set this field’s own properties, such as the label:

Let’s also add the Account Name field under the existing Account Name field. If we save and publish the form with the same field now on the form three times, we can see all fields on the form, with the same data:

On changing any one field, the other fields will change instantly:

Having the ability to do this can be useful if we want to display the same data to different users in different ways. By adding fields to different sections or tabs, you can arrange them in different ways, and hide/show accordingly.


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