Run Workflow at Set Time Period in Dynamics 365

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In Dynamics 365, workflows can be run based on waiting for a time period to elapse given certain conditions. Here we will create a workflow that will send a reminder email for tasks to their owners when the task is due.

Go to Processes and create a new workflow on the Task entity:

Set the scope to Organization and the start to Created:

Next, insert a new Wait condition step:

Click to configure:

Select Process, Execution Time:

Equals the Task Due Date field:

Save and close. Now add a Send Email step:

Select Set Properties:

Add the Task Owner as the email to, and in the description we will use the Task Subject field:

The workflow should now look like below. Click Activate:

We will now test this. Create a new task and set the due date:

Once the due date is set, the task owner will receive an email:


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