PowerApps – Install Model-Driven Sample Apps

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To install the model-driven PowerApps samples, you will first need to install a new environment if you have not already done so. Go https://admin.powerapps.com/ and select New Environment. We will call ours Sample Apps Environment:

Click to Create Database:

Enter currency and language. Ensure “Include sample apps and data” is checked and click Create database:

Now go to https://web.powerapps.com/ and change the design mode to Model-driven:

Click on Apps, and you will see the sample apps installed:

  • Fundraiser
  • Innovation Challenge
  • Asset Checkout

Select one of the apps and click Play:

You can start using the app:

Click Edit to view the app in the App Designer:

Another way to install, is in a new environment to go to the home screen, select the specific app, and click Play to go through the installation process.



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