Installing and Configuring the Resco Mobile Solution for Dynamics 365

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To install the Resco Mobile Solution, first you are using a browser that supports Silverlight and you are running in non-Private mode.

Go to:

Select the version of the Resco client to install. I will select 2013, 2015, 2016:

Download the file:

In Dynamics 365, import the file:

You will see when complete:

Once downloaded, click Publish All Customizations:

Refresh Dynamics 365. You will see MobileCRM under Settings. Select Woodford:

Click on MobileCRM Woodford. If you get a messaging saying “Failed to check isolated storage”, you will need to open your browser in non-Private mode.

Change to 100MB like below.

Click Yes:

Click OK.


You will see the metadata refresh:

And finally:

Next, download the template file here:

This will download:

Click on Mobile Projects and Import:

Select Standard User, provide a name and number and select the roles:

Select Edit:

Click OK:

Select Publish All:

Click Publish:

You will now see:

You can now install the Resco Mobile App on your mobile device.


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